About Mediation

Mediation is a voluntary and alternative option to resolving family disputes in court. An initial meeting is held where we explain the process to you and assess your eligibility for legal aid. There is no obligation or commitment to continue if you feel that mediation is not for you.

You don't have to be married or have children to use the service.

Mediation assists people (including same sex couples and unmarried couples) at any stage of separation or divorce to negotiate their financial and/or parenting arrangements.

It can also help other family members such as grandparents to talk about contact with children.

It offers you:

  • A personally tailored approach
  • A cost-effective process – more than halving your legal costs in most cases
  • Efficient but sensitive timescales
  • An opportunity to move forward
  • Lasting agreements that benefit yourselves and your children
  • A safe, supported environment to talk
  • Qualified, experienced and impartial mediators

At the end of mediation we will draw up your Agreement so that your solicitor can complete any necessary legal work.

Mediation is confidential and 'without predjudice'. This means that any discussions, records or information used in mediation cannot be used in court to show advantage to either you or your partner. Your Agreement is not legally binding until it has been confirmed in writing between solicitors.